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Smarketing News with Judi Isaacson


This week's guest is Judi Isaacson of Workout 32789. She is a veteran personal trainer who has expanded her training beyond her brick and mortar studio.

Links to Items Mentioned in This Episode:

Coolest Things:

5) Switcher Studio - using only your Smartphone as the switcher, go live with lower thirds, pre-recorded clips, graphics, multiple cameras, and live switching, etc.

4) Instagram TV - create your own channel on Instagram TV. (New Facebook Live features, too)

3) Touching Masterpieces - project between NeuroDigital and Prague’s National Gallery - Gloves allowing the blind to "see" art. 

2) Wearable Chair - an exoskeleton that straps to our legs and allows us to sit and then walk.

1) Flying Taxis - The Paramount Miami Worldcenter is a 60-story condo tower that will soon accommodate flying air taxis on their roof. The roof has a 5,000-foot landing 'skyport' and a sky lobby for passengers. This could become a reality as soon as 2023.

Local Spotlight:

Pulptown - a daily email featuring local news so you can live like a local.

Zenn Natural Farms - a local farm in Eustis that supplies many of your favorite restaurants.

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