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Smarketing News with Nick Georgoudiou

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Things you may have missed

Flame-throwersKraft cheese sculptures of dad, IHOB

Coolest Things

5) Stephen King on Alexa - Alexa will ask you several questions to help you decide which Stephen King story to read next and then order it for you. BONUS Alexa Skill: Earplay

4) Drone Fireworks - China banned fireworks so drones have taken over.

3) Vectary - an online #D design program that allows real-time collaboration with others

2) Fly Teleport - a monthly subscription from SF to LA. Fly as often as you like - exclusive security lines, etc.

1) Go Brick Me - create yourself in Legos.

This Week's Guest

Nick Georgoudiou - To a Certain Degree, Rollins College Hamilton Holt School

Orlando Spotlight

Jenn Ross and her DaJen Eats Cafe & Creamery

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