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Smarketing News with Roy Reid

This week's guest is Roy Reid, Executive Director Communications Adventist Health System. Roy will be discussing the importance of trust for business owners.

5 Coolest Things:

5) Edible 6 pack rings for your beer - instead of being harmful to saline (such as turtles) Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach teamed with a company called E6PR to create rings that are edible by the sea life.

4) Speed Trap for Money - in Sweden, there is a speed limit sign that donates $0.12  to the local economy every time a motorist drives by going the speed limit.

3) Smartphone-controlled color-changing fabric - developed by researchers at UCF. The technology relies on metal micro-wires embedded in each individual thread and a rechargeable battery pack. When activated, an electric current flows through the wires, slightly raising their temperature and causing special pigments in the thread to change color.

2) Have I been sold? - Service that checks if your email has been sold and what to do about it.

1) - Texas is getting the first driverless car service in Frisco - on campuses in a controlled environment.

Local Spotlight:

Bill Gates visiting UCF - from Bill’s blog: “What’s most impressive about UCF is how it’s found a way to better serve its growing population of students, without compromising on quality or cost.” Focused on online learning and “UCF’s Center for Distributed Learning.”

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