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Smarketing News with Anwar Superstar

This week's guest is Anwar Superstar, a local entrepreneur who's on a mission to help the world.

5 Coolest Things:

5) Oombrella - an umbrella that tells you the weather and when it will rain. It will sends a notification to your phone.

4) Jetblack by Walmart - the megastore’s answer to Alexa to bring on-demand shopping via voice app.

3) Eminem Augmented - an app to experience Eminem concerts in a new way - debuted at Coachella.

2) Frettable - play your instrument and this app will write your sheet music to print and share.

1) 3D Printed Body Parts - the most advanced cornea ever has been printed - not quite ready but soon. Also printing Human ears, noses, etc. See more:

Local Spotlight:

This week's local spotlight is on Orlando Tech and Beer - a growing monthly meet up focused on tech and conversation. 


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