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Special Guest Kristen Manieri

This week's guest is Kristen Manieri of Orlando Date Night Guide. She talks about how she started the popular website, and how it has now grown to include its very own app, podcast, and expansion to other cities.

5 Coolest Things:

5) Cannon Ivy Mini Photo Printer - it's the size of your smartphone - print your photos instantly! 

4) Clocky - an alarm clock on wheels that rolls away from you so you can’t snooze. 

3) Curiscope - a kid’s t-shirt that interacts with your phone and shows the inside of the body in AR.  

2) Living Towers - vertical gardening from right here in Eustis

1) Peloton -  the newest preferred form of exercise by Michael Phelps, High Jackman, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.


Don't Keep Your Day Job - no one is you, and that's your super power!

How I Built This - inspiring stories of how empires (and other things) were built

Local Spotlight:

This week's local spotlight is on the Mac Crutchfield Foundation, who recently did a special fundraiser and clinic with Special Olympics. We also talk about Pecha Kucha Orlando, the premiere storytelling format of 20 slides for 20 seconds.

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