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5 Coolest Things with Kristen Manieri

Items Mentioned in This Segment:

5) Cannon Ivy Mini Photo Printer - it's the size of your smartphone - print your photos instantly! 

4) Clocky - an alarm clock on wheels that rolls away from you so you can’t snooze. 

3) Curiscope - a kid’s t-shirt that interacts with your phone and shows the inside of the body in AR.  

2) Living Towers - vertical gardening from right here in Eustis

1) Peloton -  the newest preferred form of exercise by Michael Phelps, High Jackman, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.

Kristen's Cool Things:

Don't Keep Your Day Job - no one is you, and that's your super power!

How I Built This - inspiring stories of how empires (and other things) were built


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