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Special Guest Nerdspresso

This week's guests are Mark Schaub and Jeff Stanford, the guys behind the popular sci-fi and movie talk show Nerdspresso.

7 Coolest Things:

7) Mario Kart Maps - in honor of Mario Day (Mar 10) Google maps has rolled out Mario to ride along with you.

6) Triveo - games for trivia night right at your fingertips. 

5) Drive Canvas - don’t buy a car, subscribe to a car.

4) Sundrops - a gummy bear that gives sun protection (sun protection from within)

3) Wanle Gamers Console iPhone Case - bring the classic games right to the backside of your iPhone - Tetris, Formula One Racing, etc.

2Timely - allows you to highlight parts of a video with a large sidebar - put quotes, extra videos, maps, etc. right on the video player.

1) Videozyme - allows you to put attractive links to shop (or websites) on videos


MoviePass - a subscription to movie theaters - just $9.95 right now!

Fake App - put yourself into the movies - really!

Local Spotlight:

This week's local spotlight is on Jones High School, whose Winds Ensemble and Concert Choir has been selected to go to Carnegie Hall. We also talk about First Green Bank and its unusually green and sustainable business practices.

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