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Special Guest Diane Court

This week's guest is Diane Court, the executive director of Orlando Tech.

7 Coolest Things:

7) Mondly AR - learn a new language from an AR teacher.

6) Fitness Fantasy App - works with your Fitbit - convert your steps into energy for your hero - save the village!

5) eyycam - the first Gimbal 4k Action Camera -very cool! 

4) Piccolo - control your smart home using gestures thanks to Vision Assistant.

3) Pocket Me -the ultimate in mini sculptures - you but mini-sized and in 3D

2) Curiosity Stream-  timely 3-part series starring Stephen Hawking - his favorite places. 

1) Icon Build - Download and print a home in 24 hours for half the cost.

Local Spotlight:

This week's Orlando spotlight is on Kyle C. Steele of

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