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7 Coolest Things with Nerdspresso

Links to Items Mentioned in this Segment:

7) Mario Kart Maps - in honor of Mario Day (Mar 10) Google maps has rolled out Mario to ride along with you.

6) Triveo - games for trivia night right at your fingertips. 

5) Drive Canvas - don’t buy a car, subscribe to a car.

4) Sundrops - a gummy bear that gives sun protection (sun protection from within)

3) Wanle Gamers Console iPhone Case - bring the classic games right to the backside of your iPhone - Tetris, Formula One Racing, etc.

2) Timely - allows you to highlight parts of a video with a large sidebar - put quotes, extra videos, maps, etc. right on the video player.

1) Videozyme - allows you to put attractive links to shop (or websites) on videos

Mark and Jeff's Cool Things:

MoviePass - a subscription to movie theaters - just $9.95 right now!

Fake App - put yourself into the movies - really!

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