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Special Guest Rupert Meghnot

This week's guest is Rupert Meghnot, CXO of Burnout Game Ventures, a local incubator for video game designers. Rupert is also a tech entrepreneur and business mentor, having a hand in Ideas for Us, Orlando Entrepreneurs, the Timucua Arts Foundation, and One Million Cups.

5 Coolest Things:

5) Pixorize - learn (memorize) history in a whole gamefied way.

4) Braille Neue - a new font that overlays Braille lettering

3) diveLIVE - go scuba diving via a livestream, where the divers actually talk to you

2) Mine Kafon Drone - flying drone designed to detect and disarm land mines - goal is to clear the world in 10 years

1) Pancake Bot -  the world’s first pancake printer - yum!


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