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Special Guest Merle Liivand

This week's guest is Merle Liivand, an Estonian businesswoman who is also a professional swimmer and real-life mermaid.

5 Coolest Things:

5) Electrified Roads - Sweden has opened the first road that charges your car while you drive.

4) Knowhere News - today’s headline stories written with AI to avoid a bias.

3) Babcock Ranch - America’s first solar-powered town. Think of Celebration but all solar-powered and sustainable.

2) SoLight Designs - a solar light that looks like folded paper - pops up - works for 8 hours. 90 lumens. Every purchase donates one to a needy area. (Thousands were sent to Puerto Rico)

1) Plastic Bank - paying people in impoverished areas to collect discarded plastic. Cleaning the earth! Yes!  


World Clean Up Day app - an app to mark where trash is so it can be picked up on World Clean Up Day.


Golf Sensors - golf clubs and golf balls with sensors and trackers in them.

MyCharge Hub Mini - charge many different items with this little gadget.

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