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Special Guest Boris Garbe

This week's guest was Boris Garbe, curator of the Art Gallery at Mills Park, a world-class gallery located here in Orlando, Florida. Boris discusses how life led him to his current calling and what steps he took to make his dream a reality. In addition, he shares these tips about marketing his gallery:

I have allowed an author to create a character based on me called “Boris the Curator” that has appeared in two books now.

I have created my own media empire since the media at first was not responding to me. And I also leveraged my relationship with a fashion designer to create an even bigger audience for myself and the Gallery through Facebook and other outlets.

Boris's strategic work to market his gallery led to Danny Duncan, the drummer for the band We the Kings, to try to punk the gallery as a fundraiser. That video has had over 1.3 million views! Watch below:

As you can see the gallery is a beautiful space that is also available for corporate events and private parties, providing ample free parking and lots of great restaurants that can cater nearby.

For more information on renting the space: 407-234-7033


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