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7 Coolest Things with Boris Garbe

Links to Items Mentioned in This Segment:

7) Where's Waldo? for Google Maps - taking the classic game/book of Where's Waldo? and adding it as an interaction on Google maps. How fun for elementary school teachers to help engage their students in geography!

6) Conductive Paint - this paint is actually electrical wire in disguise!  Watch this video to understand what I mean:  

5) Asana - project management but visually driven (and affordable)

4) Beautiful Bond Salon - from PetCo - make a salon appointment for yourself to be transformed into matching your pet. (Instagram star Topher Brophy)

3) Clipisode - an interactive video response app that allows your viewers to respond with their own video. Ask a question and let your viewers respond.

2) Insta Toon - real-time art filters - for photos or video

1) Flotogram - leave AR photos floating in space where you took them. Record it to video and share.

Boris's Cool Thing:

Tunified - tune into a TV (or other device) even if you are in a crowded room.

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