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Special Guest Alex Hanse aka Nemo

Host Bess Auer chats with Alex Hanse aka Nemo of Foolies Limited Clothing.

10 Coolest Things:

10) The soundtrack to your Twitter life: a novelty item by Mastercard. Find your song! 

9) @twinning - upload a selfie and find your celebrity look-alike - Bess Auer's was Jessica Rose???

8)  Olori Bags - buy a premium African inspired bag and send a girl to school for a month. (Olori means queen in Yoruba - spoken in NIgeria, a country where a young girl has a 73% chance of NOT going to school.)

7) Liquid - banking for freelancers. Create as many savings accounts as you want - it automatically sets aside your taxes!

6) Radio app - get your local FM radio stations right on your phone. Works like a tuner.

5) Mobile Calvary - test your website to see how it looks when shared across multiple social media platforms.

4) Vaunt - Intel’s attempt at Smart Glasses - unobtrusive and specific in task.

3) Indestructible Sheers - indestructible sheer pantyhose, like velcro, sharp edges, and even bullets! 

2) Snap Map - desktop version - touch anywhere on the map to see snaps - great marketing tool!

1) e-sight eyewear - allows the legally blind to see.


Black Panther, The Movie and All Its Technology

Local Spotlight:

This week's Orlando Spotlight is on NASCAR and stick car racing across the state of Florida. Particularly on Leroy Porter, one of the legends of racing, who was recently honored with a lifetime award. We also discuss 8 Cents in a Jar, an organization helping students and young adults learn about investing.

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