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10 Coolest Things with Alex Hanse

Links to Items Mentioned in This Segment:

10) The soundtrack to your Twitter life: a novelty item by Mastercard. Find your song! 

9) @twinning - upload a selfie and find your celebrity look-alike - Bess Auer's was Jessica Rose???

8)  Olori Bags - buy a premium African inspired bag and send a girl to school for a month. (Olori means queen in Yoruba - spoken in NIgeria, a country where a young girl has a 73% chance of NOT going to school.)

7) Liquid - banking for freelancers. Create as many savings accounts as you want - it automatically sets aside your taxes!

6) Radio app - get your local FM radio stations right on your phone. Works like a tuner.

5) Mobile Calvary - test your website to see how it looks when shared across multiple social media platforms.

4) Vaunt - Intel’s attempt at Smart Glasses - unobtrusive and specific in task.

3) Indestructible Sheers - indestructible sheer pantyhose, like velcro, sharp edges, and even bullets! 

2) Snap Map - desktop version - touch anywhere on the map to see snaps - great marketing tool!

1) e-sight eyewear - allows the legally blind to see.

Alex's Cool Things:

Black Panther, The Movie and All Its Technology

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