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Special Guest David Yarde

This week's guest is David Yarde, branding and marketing expert who is half the brains behind

7 Coolest Things:

7) Picture This - an app that identifies plants from a photo.

6) Bag ID - an ID tag for your luggage that you can track with an app.

5) Splish - app that lets make your photos move or your videos stay still.

4) Fastory Widget - embed an Instagram story on your website.

3The Escape Room - Puzzle solving for an escape room, only on your browser. 

2) Vocalmatic - affordable transcribing. Upload audio and it does it.

1) Facebook’s Secret File - Facebook gathers info on you. See what they have. Down arrow—settings—download a copy of your secret data. 


Lumen 5 - transform your blog article into a video.

Local Spotlight:

This week's spotlight is on Deli Fresh Threads, which is raising money for Second Harvest Food Bank as well as Foxtail Farmhouse, a new local eatery in Winter Park, Florida.

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