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7 Coolest Things with the Crew from Queenscast

Links to Items Mentioned in this Segment:

7) Merge Cube - a cube that transforms into a variety of cool things with an AR app on your Smartphone.

6) Airbnb Experiences - go to a concert, shopping with a stylist, food tour, etc.

5) Link and Start -  a tiny button to touch your phone to and connect to wifi - perfect for guests!

4) Epoc Headset - a portable EEG headset that allows you to move things with your mind.

3) Intel True View - experience sports from any angle on the field.

2) Space Goldman -  a husky who puts other influencers to shame!

1) Olli - IBM’s self-driving, cognitive public transportation vehicle. Run by IBM Watson.

Queenscast's Cool Things:

Smart Soccerball - a soccer ball with a chip inside.

You Can Book Me - an online scheduler



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