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Special Guest David Brim

Host Bess Auer talks with serial entrepreneur David Brim. David's first company was Brand Advance, where he's helped hundreds of companies. Now he is working on uniting the startup ecosystem here in Central Florida through Orlando Entrepreneurs.

10 Coolest Things:

10) The Buddy Project - started by a college student, Gabby Frost, this social media project pairs students with a buddy to help prevent suicide.

9Iris - this software will help protect your eyes from the computer. Set the light for health, blue light, etc.

8) Lay See Pillow - a pillow that has a cut out for your glasses for when you want to lay on your side.

7) Wearable Full Body Armor - absolutely useless but totally cool!  Order a full body armor suit of Iron Man or Batman.

6) The Mongee - a Japanese company has created a banana with an edible peel - contains B6

5) Hip-Air - the wearable airbag for seniors to keep them from breaking a hip.

4) Humanity Star - a New Zealand company launched what will soon be the brightest thing in the night sky - like a cosmic disco ball - we’ll get flashes on the ground around March 8 - look westward

3) Plant Lights - nanoparticles placed on plants that make them glow. (MIT researchers)

2) Snow Cloud Seeding - scientists have successfully made a cloud snow through seeding.

1) Flamethrower - Elon Musk's Boring Company’s flamethrower.


Crossroads Corral - therapy through horses.

Owlet Baby Care - a smart sock for newborns.

LinkedIn's Sales Navigator - more power for your business.

Local Spotlight:

This week's spotlight is on music and video games. First, we focus on Full Sail University and their award-winning night at the Grammys, where several alumni worked on Grammy-winning projects. Next, we talk about Burnout Game Ventures, a local initiative to help video game developers get ahead through an incubator atmosphere.

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