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10 Coolest Things with David Brim

Links to Items Mentioned in this Segment:

10) The Buddy Project - started by a college student, Gabby Frost, this social media project pairs students with a buddy to help prevent suicide.

9) Iris - this software will help protect your eyes from the computer. Set the light for health, blue light, etc.

8) Lay See Pillow - a pillow that has a cut out for your glasses for when you want to lay on your side.

7) Wearable Full Body Armor - absolutely useless but totally cool!  Order a full body armor suit of Iron Man or Batman.

6) The Mongee - a Japanese company has created a banana with an edible peel - contains B6

5) Hip-Air - the wearable airbag for seniors to keep them from breaking a hip.

4) Humanity Star - a New Zealand company launched what will soon be the brightest thing in the night sky - like a cosmic disco ball - we’ll get flashes on the ground around March 8 - look westward

3) Plant Lights - nanoparticles placed on plants that make them glow. (MIT researchers)

2) Snow Cloud Seeding - scientists have successfully made a cloud snow through seeding.

1) Flamethrower - Elon Musk's Boring Company’s flamethrower.

David's Cool Things:

Crossroads Corral - therapy through horses.

Owlet Baby Care - a smart sock for newborns.

LinkedIn's Sales Navigator - more power for your business.

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