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Special Guest Pastor Jody Mask

This week's guest is Jody Mask, associate pastor at the Markham Woods Presbyterian Church, who uses social media to further his vocation and connection with his Florida community.

10 Coolest Things:

10) Colorblind-Less - The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development has installed special viewers using the latest color-enhancing technology (14 million Americans suffer from)

9) Send a doodle - hand-drawn cards for your Valentine. (Or other occasion.)

8) The Cat In The Box - giant cardboard cartons of milk/cheese/etc. for your cat to play in.

7) ceev - turn your linked profile into a paper resume instantly.

6) Voicegram - experience the power of Alexa on your desktop 

5) Eco Alarm - sounds from the endangered Argentine forests - each time you play, it donates money to conserve the forest.

4) Kate Spade Smart Bracelet - it’s a stylish activity tracker that’s actually affordable! $69-100

3) Turn Signal Commuter Backpack - a giant electric turn signal on your back.  

2) Hapi Fork -  a smart fork that measures your bites How long it took to eat your meal, The amount of "fork servings" taken per minute, Intervals between "fork servings.”

1) Flying drones at the Opening Ceremonies - by Intel, these drones made a spectacular opening at the Winter Olympics.


Thread Reader Bot - this app makes reading threaded Tweets easier.

Twitr Art Exhibit - a Twitter account using famous artists and their artwork for good.

Local Spotlight:

This week's spotlight is on Orlando's many nationally ranked cheerleading squads and Mark Baratelli's Food Truck Bazaar.

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