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Special Guest Jean Perpillant of JP Design Theory

This week's guest is Jean Perpillant of JP Design Theory. Jean's a professional photographer and web designer who specializes in WordPress. A co-organizer of WordPress Orlando, Jean has some specific advice for business owners looking to hire a web designer.

10 Coolest Things:

10) Square Space - a brilliant marketing campaign featuring Keanu Reeves - even a Super Bowl commercial! 

9) Custom Leggings - design your own leggings/yoga pants - Joe’s face! Shelfies or Printful both do this type of customization. 

8) Samsung Flip - like the Smartboards in schools but even better and more flexible.

7) Everything But the House - eBay but exclusively for estate sales.

6) Flowerling - send a virtual flower, plant a real tree. Do good for the world.

5) The Wim Hof Method - a new way of living and boosting your immunity system. 

4) Reedsy - a marketplace to find quality editors for your writing process.

3) Kapwing - size videos for different social media platforms - now comes with filters like Instagram.

2) FITT 360 - wearable camera (around your neck) that films in 360 degrees. True 1st person point of view.

1) Auditus - upload an ebook and convert automatically to an audio book - choose a voice.


Wehe App - worried about net neutrality? Differentiate the speed of your online connections as regulated by your ISP.

Local Spotlight:

This week's Orlando Spotlight is on Alex Hanse aka Nemo of Foolies Limited Clothing. An entrepreneur who is wise beyond his years, Alex inspires and motivates his fellow human beings while hustling to make things happen.

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