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10 Coolest Things with Jean Perpillant

Links to Items Mentioned in This Segment:

10) Square Space - a brilliant marketing campaign featuring Keanu Reeves - even a Super Bowl commercial! 

9) Custom Leggings - design your own leggings/yoga pants - Joe’s face! Shelfies or Printful both do this type of customization. 

8) Samsung Flip - like the Smartboards in schools but even better and more flexible.

7) Everything But the House - eBay but exclusively for estate sales.

6) Flowerling - send a virtual flower, plant a real tree. Do good for the world.

5) The Wim Hof Method - a new way of living and boosting your immunity system. 

4) Reedsy - a marketplace to find quality editors for your writing process.

3) Kapwing - size videos for different social media platforms - now comes with filters like Instagram.

2) FITT 360 - wearable camera (around your neck) that films in 360 degrees. True 1st person point of view.

1) Auditus - upload an ebook and convert automatically to an audio book - choose a voice.

Jean's Coolest Thing:

Wehe App - worried about net neutrality? Differentiate the speed of your online connections as regulated by your ISP.

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