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The Guys from Concrete Lion Pictures

Concrete Lion Pictures is a full service video production company. Shaun Trout and Jason Mathis are pros in live and recorded video, and they share some of their best video production tips.

5) Musician’s Handwriting Fonts - Use the handwriting from some of your favorite musicians: Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, John Lennon, Leonard Cohen, and more!

4) IQ Trivia - trivia game where you win money - twice a day on Twitter!

3) Titan - the underwater drone 3k Lumen LED 4K Camera, Ultra Wide lens

2) Movi Smartphone Projector - your smartphone is actually a wall projector, too (Android only)

1) Underwater Sub - Elon Musk’s prototype “child size” submarine built in response to the Thai Cave Rescue. Could be used to evacuate astronauts in space.

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