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The Crew from My Swim Pro

My Swim Pro is an app that allows swimmers to track their progress while training. A Detroit startup that has gone through several rounds of funding, Bess Auer chats with the crew about their challenges and success.

Coolest Things:

5) Bands Using Big Data - Metallica is using Spotify playlist data to determine which set to play in specific towns

4) Facebook Watch Party - watch recorded or live shows together with friends on Facebook - comment in realtime. Available for Groups, some Pages, and now Personal Profiles.

3) Harry Potter Coding Kit - startup Kano has partnered with Warner Brothers to create a game using a tablet and a wand - tracks users' hand movements and let them cast spells, all while using a block-based coding interface and JavaScript inspector to provide a fun introduction to programming.


2) Influvoice - an app that allows you to create Alexa briefings right on your phone.

1) Dr. Octopus Suit - teenage bitcoin millionaire Eric Finman built a real life Dr. Octopus suit. A robotic exoskeleton to help those with mobility issues.

Local Spotlight: Y of Central Florida hosting the Pan American Masters for swimming!

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