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Smarketing News with Barb Scherer

This week’s guest is Barb Scherer of of Scherer Marketing, LLC. As a proven successful marketer, she shares marketing tips, but Barb also talks about challenges start ups face as her new consulting business is a new start up.

5) Flying Trains - train car that rolls up to the airport, straps on wings and takes off to fly. French company is pitching to Boeing.

4) Responsive crosswalks - the street itself lights up with arrows to direct traffic, stop pedestrians, stop traffic during emergencies. Created by Umbrellium and being tested in London right now.

3) Wiki Compass - view the world around you with virtual reality and then click to read about it in Wikipedia.

2) Check Blood Sugar with Phone - get rid of the other equipment to test blood sugar - just plug this in and put in a testing strip.

1) Get Dressed with Amazon Echo - take 6-second full body photo of your dress and get it checked by Style Check, which combines machine learning and real life stylists. (FACEBOOK - announced something similar - try things on through augmented reality)

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