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10 Coolest Things with Cory Warren of Lean Green Dad

Links to Items Mentioned in This Segment:

10) Unspoil Me - by Samsung - a self-hypnosis website to help you forget a TV series you watched, so you can watch it all over again. Hmmmm… wonder if it is real? If not, what a clever marketing campaign by Samsung!

9) LegoHouse- Airbnb is hosts a contest to win a one-night stay at some out-of-this-world venues, including a mansion built from 25 million legos in Denmark. Just one of many “win a night” - Past stays have included staying at the Bostion Redsox stadium, dangled within Shark Aquarium, and even Halloween night in the Paris Catacombs! 

8) Fritz the Robotic Puppet - an animatronic robot head that you can control - program him to do lots of things, including reading your tweets! (Only works with PC)

7) That Sound That Day - transform a special memory (song from your wedding, etc.) into a visual work of art.

6) Digital Sweat Patch - Gatorade debuted a patch last year (only hydration), but now the National Kidney Foundation has raised the stakes. Northwestern University has developed a new one for the Foundation's ad campaign, including artwork by famous tattoo artists.

5)  - plug in your gender, weight goals, and diet preference and it will give you a complete meal plan and workout plan. It's a great way to start getting fit!

4) Gita -  built by Piaggio, it’s a rolling case that follows you around. Carry home groceries, etc. in Italian style!

3) Alexa Smartphone App - finally the power of Alexa on the app. Yes! (Psst! Have you checked out Smarketing News on Alexa?)

2) Amazon’s Cashierless Store - opened in Seattle, it's the first cashierless store - all automated!

1) TytoHome Exam Kit - a complete doctor’s office for your phone. Look in ear, nose, throat, then video conference with your doctor.

Cory's Cool Thing:

ManyChat - chat with your clients directly through Facebook messages.

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