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10 Coolest Things with David Laietta

Links to Items Mentioned in this Segment:

10) Self-Delivering Pizza - Ford and Dominoes are teaming to test out an autonomous vehicle delivering pizza. Our only question - do we tip?

9) Bioluminescent Aquarium - just like the bioluminescent tides at the beach, this aquarium brings the glowing microbes into a mesmerizing desktop wonder.

8) Nexto - create an interactive, geo-location based audio walk. Using augmented reality, interactive questions, etc. Destination marketers should love this platform!

7) Guardian Circle - create an emergency contact list of trusted friends and family that receive an alert whenever you are in need. (Not dire enough to call 911 but still worried you may not make it through that dark garage to your car? Use Guardian Circle!)

6) Facebook Live Trivia Game - just like the interactive HQ app, which has half a million people tune in per game, but on your own Facebook page.  (Question #7 is the highest level we've made it to on HQ - what about you?)

5) Magic Leap - the coolest next step in virtual and augmented reality. We could definitely wear *these* goggles!


4) cprCube - a low-cost alternative the to Red Cross mannequins, so everybody can learn life-saving CPR.

3) Adventure Flash Workout - a family-fun, 7-minute physical workout delivered through an adventure audio recording via Amazon's Alexa.

2) Mango Mirror - the magical bathroom mirror that updates you daily with Fitbit stats, weather, time, and more.

1) Tenfold Engineering - a house that unfolds and builds itself within minutes - see below!

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