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10 Coolest Things with Anthony Bencomo

Links to Items Mentioned in this Segment:

10) Xenomo Smart Clothing- wearable pajamas/clothes with a wide rang built especially for patients in hospitals or nursing homes (dementia, etc.) to track them and their stress levels.

9) Loreal Thumbnail UV Sensor - the size of a large sequin glued to your thumbnail, the device tracks your UV exposure for two weeks at a time giving feedback on limiting sun exposure.

8) Google Arts & Culture - in addition to having tons of info about famous artists, paintings, take virtual tours, etc. you can upload and find your perfect art match

7) Walmart Scan and Go - very similar to Apple Store’s scan and go - grab an item and scan it, pay using the app, and then go on your way quickly!

6) Toyota-s ePalette - a large box van that is autonomous and can be outfitted as different things - storefront, kitchen, bus, mobile hotel room, or mobile do’s office. Toyota has already teamed with Uber and Pizza Hut to use the vehicle. 

5) Aflac’s Sproutel Duck - a plush duck that is built especially for children fighting cancer - giggles when you tickle it, has emojis for children to communicate how they feel (sad, silly, etc.) and a catheter port so children can pretend to give it chemo.

4) Hypecast -  an advertising network specifically for podcasters.

3) Peloton Tread - a treadmill with a live instructor on a monitor in front of you - see video below.

2) Modobag - the suitcase that charges all your devices but also turns into a mini scooter that will get you through the airport at 8 mph.

1) Concussion sensing mouthguard - takes all the guesswork out of hard hits to the head - great for a variety of sports!

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