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Special Guest: Joe Auer

Host Bess Auer does a special interview with husband Joe Auer, aka SwimmerJoe, and award-winning blogger and swim coach. Marketing-wise, Joe used social media and live streaming to build his Florida Swim Network into an internationally-known media company that live streamed for ESPN and was on deck at the Rio Olympics. 

Mentioned in This Episode:

10 Coolest things:

10) Plowz and Mowz - need to mow your lawn? There's a app for that. Seriously - through Alexa. Just order and somebody will come mow your grass. 

9) - this is a temporary resource but it's just so cool! This website scrapes twitter looking for people needing rescuing in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. Twitter rocks! So does saving people!

8) GetIris - think of this as an emergency kit just for you. Your cell automatically detects if you are at a hospital and then pushes you an alert to see if you are okay. And that's just the beginning! 

7) Prizmo Go  - remember how helpful it was when your scanner included OCR text recognition? Well, that's what this app does with a quick picture. 

6) The Silver Post - do you know how much your grandmother would like receiving a card from you? the Silver Post does just that - text them a picture and message and a postcard is created and delivered on your behalf.

5) Dance Reality App - this app places feet on the floor via augmented reality to show you the dance moves - you just step in and follow through the magic of augmented reality. 

4) Shape Scale  - Woah! This scale scans a 3D virtual representation of your body to allow you to see where your work outs are helping. 

3) Gradeproof  - since I lost one of my fingers (really!) I only type with two fingers now so my typos are rampant! Gradeproof seems promising as an automated proofreader powered by artificial intelligence. Plans start at $9 a month. 

2) NASA's Open Source Photo and Audio Gallery  - growing up in Florida during the Space Shuttle's heydays, I always wanted to be an astronaut. (Darn that tricky math they have to do!) So I love this gallery 140,000 free images and audio straight from NASA's searchable vault.

1) iTranslete Converse - well, this would have been handy when we were in Rio for the Olympics Games! A realtime translation tool using your iPhone. Just talk into the phone and then let it recite it out in another language. 

Bonus 1: Earbuds that translate in realtime

Bonus 2: Jake Olson, Blind Football Player Executes Perfect Snap in Game Debut for USC

In the Orlando Spotlight:

This episode's startup focus is on Deli Fresh Threads, for owner Biggie Bencomo's unique branding and community, both online and in real life through his #sandwicheatups

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