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Special Guest: Ricardo Williams

This week's guest is Ricardo Williams of Nerd Nite Orlando.

Items Mentioned in This Episode

10 Coolest Things:

10) Service - sign up for a service that automatically hunts down compensation whenever your flight is delayed or cancelled. Free money for you.

9) Barttar - a marketplace for you to barter your services in exchange for things you need - online or off!

8) Meas AR - imagine a ruler in your phone, Just aim your smartphone and travel the length of what you want to measure. No tape measure needed!

7) Aircon Watch - this watch tells your body's nervous system that you are "hot" or "cold" to fool it into making you more comfortable.

6) Get Short Cut - on-demand hair cuts for guys. In your home, On your schedule. Yeah.

5) Buoy Up - a Chrome extension that lets you click to immediately donate to a charity that's mentioned in the headlines. Do good.

4) Start Up Google - Google has compiled a check list full of resources on creating a successful start up.

3) Run for Stuff - an app that rewards you for being active. Earn points and redeem for real stuff from athletic gear companies.

2) Alexa Star Trek Sounds Effects - the Trekkie in mean delights in asking Alexa to "beam me up" and then hearing the sounds of the transporter. Just one of several interactive sound effects.

1) Travis the Translator - the universal translator we’ve been waiting for. Not an app, but rather a handheld device that has over 80 languages and artificial intelligence.

The Local Spotlight:

This week's starter spotlight focuses on Switchboard.LiveCarjoy and Friendish app are also discussed.

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