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Special Guest: Joel Glenny

This week Bess Auer welcomed Joel Glenny of Pandera Systams and the Rev app, which is designed to help business gamefy and grow their sales teams.

Items Mentioned in This Episode

10 Coolest Things:

10. Get Shelf Life - rent somebody else’s life for a week - like Air BNB but with another person’s life - a celebrity chef, a deck hand, an Olympian, or even a dominatrix.

9. Max Motor Dreams - cars always put babies to sleep right? So Ford built a crib that mimics a car. Really.

8. Robot Playtime - modular block programming to customize and program your robot on your iPhone. Then the playtime progresses to line programming.

7. Bliss Flights - book your flight for $0 now and pay over time - up to 6 months with no interest.

6. Splitters - this site splits up your longer tweets automatically.

5. Books at Work - all those essential business books that I can’t ever find time to read - this gives you the summary of them and the must-know take-aways.

4. Promote Hour - an already compiled list with links to send your press release pitch to for tech companies.

3. The Golden Ticket - a continuation of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate factory - a personalized book to put your child in the magical world.

2. Bodega - vending machine you access through an app on your phone. 

1. How to Fix a Toilet by Google - Google has compiled how many times people googled how to do something pretty basic and not only lists the statistics, but then gives the info on how to do the most commonly googled how do's. Essential knowledge we have somehow forgotten to learn!

Joel's Coolest Thing: Juice Bike Share Program. 

The Orlando Spotlight:

This episode's first start up focus is on Indienomicon and their growing community of indie developers. Meeting monthly, Indienomicon is family friendly. Next we talk about Archer First Response Systems and how the idea of delivering a beer via drone  on the golf course grew into a revolutionary life-saving response system.

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