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Special Guest Josh Elledge of Upend PR

This week's guest is marketing expert Josh Elledge of Upend PR. Josh specializes in helping startups gain media attention and establishing their authority as a leader in their respective space. As Josh explains, "We turn digital entrepreneurs into media celebrities!"

10 Coolest Things:

10) SnapChat Lens - create 3D AR designs (mascots, logos, etc.) and then submit and promote on SnapChat - similar to lenses.

9) Patent Bot - use a FB Messenger Bot to research and then register a trademark -

8) Orderly Health - app that lets you chat with a live medical doctor, book dr appts., find savings on prescriptions, etc.

7) Ambassador Program for MailChimp - get your subscribers to be the ambassadors for your email list, newsletter, etc. Widget that provides the affiliate link for them.

6) Google Trends - 2017 Review - see a recap of the top searches in Google from 2017.

5) Dropsource - like SquareSpace but for IOS and Android apps - creates a native app through drag and drop publishing.

4) Storyboard by Google - take your video and automatically turn it into a comic book or graphic novel. (Google devices only)

3) List Ninja - service that checks your email list subscribers to identify which ones are major influencers for a targeted campaign specific to them

2) Barisieur - the alarm clock that actual brews coffee (or tea) to wake you up.

1) Hello Video Communication Device - a mic and camera that sit atop a TV and turn it into a live streaming and communication device for video conferences, etc. Voice controlled and interactive.


Miracle Morning - a book that is helping transform lives.

ThinkUp - a personalized affirmation app.

The Local Spotlight:

This week's spotlight is on Orlando-based podcasts: Queenscast and #Accelerator. Queenscast focuses on the women's professional soccer team, the Orlando Pride, as well as empowering young athletes. Meanwhile #Accelerator is a reality-style podcast that follows eight startups making their way through the Starter Studio, a tech accelerator.

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