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10 Coolest Things with Josh Elledge

Items Mentioned in This Segment:

10) SnapChat Lens - create 3D AR designs (mascots, logos, etc.) and then submit and promote on SnapChat - similar to lenses.

9) Patent Bot - use a FB Messenger Bot to research and then register a trademark -

8) Orderly Health - app that lets you chat with a live medical doctor, book dr appts., find savings on prescriptions, etc.

7) Ambassador Program for MailChimp - get your subscribers to be the ambassadors for your email list, newsletter, etc. Widget that provides the affiliate link for them.

6) Google Trends - 2017 Review - see a recap of the top searches in Google from 2017 -

5) Dropsource - like SquareSpace but for IOS and Android apps - creates a native app through drag and drop publishing.

4) Storyboard by Google - take your video and automatically turn it into a comic book or graphic novel. (Google devices only)

3) List Ninja - service that checks your email list subscribers to identify which ones are major influencers for a targeted campaign specific to them

2) Barisieur - the alarm clock that actual brews coffee (or tea) to wake you up.

1) Hello Video Communication Device - a mic and camera that sit atop a TV and turn it into a live streaming and communication device for video conferences, etc. Voice controlled and interactive.

Josh's Cool Things:

Miracle Morning - a book that is helping transform lives.

ThinkUp - a personalized affirmation app.

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