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10 Coolest Things with Joshua C. Johnson

Items Mention in This Segment:

10) Delectable - an app that allows you to take a pic of a wine label and get reviews of the wine.

9) Pup Socks - custom socks with your pet’s face on them - or your face!

8) Lego AR - combine your physical Legos with augmented Legos and more action - record movies and share.  See video below:

7) Thursday Night Football on Twitch - watch live and chat with thousands. (They’ve been streamed on Amazon, but now they’ve gone to Twitch for the chat.) First up was the Saints vs the Falcons - 600k+ viewers.

6) Polyword - snap a pic and have the item instantly translated into another language for you. (30 languages)

5) Facebook Sound - Facebook approved music and sound effects for your Facebook videos.

4) uTask - Hire a coder for a specific task and pay nothing unless they get it done in 24 hours.

3) Foodzilla - snap a picture and this app will analyze the nutritional value - calories, etc.

2) TrollTax - donate to charity in the name of a troll - and the troll will be notified. (Chrome extension, too)

1) Biogas - turn your food scraps into usable clean gas.

Joshua's Cool Thing:

Gnarbox - backup, edit, and instantly share your pictures.

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