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Special Guest Rudy Ellis of Switchboard Live

This week's guest is Rudy Ellis, founder and CEO of Switchboard Live, a service that allows you to multi-publish your live stream to multiple destinations like Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube, Twitch, etc.

Switchboard Live not only enables vloggers, YouTubers, and gamers to stream to multiple places, but they also work with some major organizations to capitalize on capturing eyeballs on a live streamed event. ESPN, X Games, Al Gore, Ultra Music Festival, and even Barack Obama's Farewell Address have relied on Switchboard Live. Take a listen to the above podcast to see how it all works.

10 Coolest Things:

10) Kiwi Campus - robot delivery of food and drinks. Fully automated, only you can unlock the robot.

9) Pet Profiles - on Amazon. Custom page to shop exclusively for your pet - plus get exclusive discounts and coupons.

8) Spacewolff - peer-to-peer marketplace for ad space. Anywhere: websites, car doors, balconies, tattoos!

7) Piggy Save Me - connect Piggy to your email to search past orders. When a lower price has been found, Piggy will automatically contact the sellers for a rebate.

6) Lightkey - predictive typing software. (Similar to when you text). Only for Windows right now.

5) Freesist - help for the regular person on popular sites like Wix, Mailchimp, Slack, etc.

4) Coinseed - like Acorns but for Bitcoin.

3) Paper Signals - if I had a kid still!  Print a foldable piece of paper (like origami) and then use easily obtained electronics to build the Google Voice controlled model.

2) GoBag - the cool travel backpack that will vacuum pack itself.

1) Schmittz Mittz - indestructible gloves for first responders. So cool!


Front App - manage communication and support tickets through one app.

The Local Spotlight:

This week's Orlando Spotlight includes Night Runner Shoe Lights, for all our runners out there (Holler!), and Shawn Seipler's Clean the World, a nonprofit changing the world one bar of soap at a time.

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