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10 Coolest Things with Rudy Ellis

Items Mentioned in This Segment:

10) Kiwi Campus - robot delivery of food and drinks. Fully automated, only you can unlock the robot. See the video below:

9) Pet Profiles - on Amazon. Custom page to shop exclusively for your pet - plus get exclusive discounts and coupons.

8) Spacewolff - peer-to-peer marketplace for ad space. Anywhere: websites, car doors, balconies, tattoos!

7) Piggy Save Me - connect Piggy to your email to search past orders. When a lower price has been found, Piggy will automatically contact the sellers for a rebate.

6) Lightkey - predictive typing software. (Similar to when you text). Only for Windows right now.

5) Freesist - help for the regular person on popular sites like Wix, Mailchimp, Slack, etc.

4) Coinseed - like Acorns but for Bitcoin.

3) Paper Signals - if I had a kid still!  Print a foldable piece of paper (like origami) and then use easily obtained electronics to build the Google Voice controlled model.

2) GoBag - the cool travel backpack that will vacuum pack itself.

1) Schmittz Mittz - indestructible gloves for first responders. So cool!

Rudy's Cool Thing:

Front App - manage communication and support tickets through one app.


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