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10 Coolest Things with Isabella Johnston

Items Mentioned in This Segment:

10) String Bike - a bicycle that doesn’t have a greasy, oily chain - it’s a powerful string instead.

9) Da Vinci Eye app - turns your phone into tracing paper. OR Rylo - small like a GoPro but looks easier to work with. (Isabella talks about Colorfy.)

8) RevolCamm Lens - 3 lens combined into one easy snap on for your iPhone - includes an LED light and mirror for perfect selfies or Rylo - a small camera similar to GoPro but easier to use

7) Head Case - put your face on your suitcase - become a giant head and never have your luggage mistaken as somebody else’s

6) What the Font? - take a picture of a font and have it automatically identified

5) VRKit - turn your smartphone into 360 degree camera using hardware (rotating mount/special lens) and app

4) Yeti - combine all your smart home devices (Nest, etc.) into an easy to use app.

3) Archie Analytics - Alexa will deliver you info from your Google Analytics in plain English!

2) 8kFlexwarm - a heated jacket that is controlled by an app

1) Women of NASA Legos! - real life superstars: 4 pioneering women of NASA— astronomer and educator Nancy Grace Roman, computer scientist and entrepreneur Margaret Hamilton, astronaut, physicist and entrepreneur Sally Ride and astronaut, physician and engineer Mae Jemison

Isabella's Coolest Things:

Bottle made from agar 

Edible forks and spoons

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