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Special Guests Tom Jelneck and John Terry of On Target Digital Marketing

In this week's episode we talk about On Target Digital Marketing using storytelling to create effective marketing. Tom Jelneck and John Terry share some best practices. 

10 Coolest Things:

10) Viral Quotes Online - service that will create a library of motivational quotes social media ready graphics with your logo and website url on them.

9) Silentmask: Powernap Mask - a sleeping mask for 100% blackout, memory foam, helps your control your breath, connect to audio, etc.

8) Subject Line - tests your email subject line and gives suggestions to better it. 

7) Memory Wave - unique gift - create a poster from a .wav audio file - from important sounds of your life.

6) BabyLingo - an app for babies/toddlers 6 months and older that teaches basic words in a foreign language

5) Kapwing - upload your video and it will automatically resize it for any social media platform. You can even add sound effects or create memes.

4) Kerv Ring - make payments with a wave of your hand. No credits cards needed!

3) Facebook for Creators - FB’s attempt to get Instagrammers, Snapchatters, bloggers, youtubers, and online influencers to use their video platform to build their audience.

2) Tesla’s Roadster - 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds. Fastest production car ever made. 250 mph, 620 mile range.

1) Tesla’s New Semi - super cool looking big rig, 0 - 60 in 5 seconds. Has a range of 500, systems guaranteed to work for 1 million miles. Uses BAMF Technology. 


YouTube Live TV - watch live TV right on YouTube with a monthly subscription.

Flight Aware - free flight tracking app.

The Local Spotlight:

This week's Orlando spotlight includes a fish farm, educational app, and housing solution.

Blackwater Creek Koi Farms, located in Central Florida, is a major fish farm specializing in decorative koi. Bess talks about discovering Blackwater Creek and turning her backyard pool into a koi pond.

Launchable is a new Orlando startup who have created an app called Hello ALICE designed to help children read with AR.

Finally, World Housing Solutions is delivering affordable, quality housing to some of the world's most desperate areas.


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