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Special Guest Kostya Kimlat, the Business Magician

Smarketing News host Bess Auer talks with Kostya Kimlat, the Business Magician. Kostya reveals how his brand of magic aids and delights both corporate and general audiences.

10 Coolest Things:

10) Silbo - smart lunchbox - compartmentalized - keeps cool for 12 hours and heats up food right in the box. 

9) Play for Medium - chrome extension that automatically adds audio to your medium articles when you publish.

8) Wheel of Fortune email sign up - WordPress plug in Interactive Pop-ups - click here for a version that can be used on any website

7) GetNomad - a hotel room on wheels

6) BabyGlimpse - parent DNA test that provides a glimpse into what the baby may inherit - hair color, etc.

5) Twitter Promote Mode - Twitter’s own service to boost your tweets (like boosting a post on Facebook). Monthly subscription only. 

4) - if it works, it combines all your comments into one dashboard - no more going app to app to engage

3) Brain Power - Google Glass for children with Autism developed by a team of neuroscientists. 

2) Amazon AR - see products in your home before you buy them. 

1) Uber Elevate - flying air taxis by Uber. (Really!)


Boomerang Email Chrome Extension - automate your gmail.

GTFO - Get the Flight Out - deeply discounted flights for flexible travelers.

The Local Spotlight:

This week's Orlando Spotlight features two companies working to create change. Growing Bolder is on a mission to rebrand aging. Whether it is changing minds through their motivational blog posts, educational radio show, or inspirational TV programming, Marc Middleton and his team shows why we don't grow older, but instead grow bolder.

Our second spotlight shines on The Collective. According to their website, The Collective is a group of change agents, social disruptors and unapologetic leaders trying to make a difference. It is made up of determined individuals fighting to make their world a better place. 

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