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10 Coolest Things with Kostya Kimlat

Links to Items Mentioned in this Segment:

10) Silbo - smart lunchbox - compartmentalized - keeps cool for 12 hours and heats up food right in the box. 

9) Play for Medium - chrome extension that automatically adds audio to your medium articles when you publish.

8) Wheel of Fortune email sign up - WordPress plug in Interactive Pop-ups - click here for a version that can be used on any website

7) GetNomad - a hotel room on wheels

6) BabyGlimpse - parent DNA test that provides a glimpse into what the baby may inherit - hair color, etc.

5) Twitter Promote Mode - Twitter’s own service to boost your tweets (like boosting a post on Facebook). Monthly subscription only. 

4) - if it works, it combines all your comments into one dashboard - no more going app to app to engage

3) Brain Power - Google Glass for children with Autism developed by a team of neuroscientists. 

2) Amazon AR - see products in your home before you buy them. 

1) Uber Elevate - flying air taxis by Uber. (Really!)

Kostya's Coolest Things:

Boomerang Email Chrome Extension - automate your gmail.

GTFO - Get the Flight Out - deeply discounted flights for flexible travelers.

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