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Bonus Track: Judi Isaacson of Workout 32789

On this bonus track, Judi Isaacson explains what makes her training studio, Workout 32789 in Winter Park, Florida, so different. Judi owns the gym with her mother, Diane Warren, and the two have been leading the way locally in health and fitness for thirty years now.

 Diane Warren and Judi Isaacson, mother-daughter duo

Diane Warren and Judi Isaacson, mother-daughter duo


The studio is an intimate, welcoming place to work out where the walls feature motivational sayings like "Work hard and stay humble." Located in the heart of Winter Park's trendy Hannibal Square District, Workout 32789 is a refuge from the impersonal, mega-gyms. This is a deliberate decision to provide a welcoming atmosphere. Judi explains that while she and her mother are family, they also consider those they train family, as long-time client Lauren Hamner attests to.

 Lauren Hamner working out

Lauren Hamner working out


Walking the walk and talking the talk, Judi and Diane have remained at the forefront of local fitness by adapting the latest health and nutrition research and utilizing technology to fit their clients' needs. Judi explains how she now uses the studio's Instagram (plus her personal Instagram account) as well as private Facebook groups to not only market her services but to extend her health coaching beyond the walls of the studio.

As Judi explains, "I am only with my clients for maybe two hours a week, so it is what they do when they are not with me that's most important."  

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