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10 Coolest Things with Professor Josh

This segment sponsored by Dajenn Eats.

Items Mentioned in This Segment:

10) Electrick - conductive spray paint that turns any surface into an interactive touch screen. 

9) Escape Team - a real life escape room game using paper, pencil, and your phone. 

8) Mug Life - take a photo and turn it into a 3D person that can be animated.

7) - automatically find scholarships and then easily apply right away.

6) Moon Camera - a cool camera that levitates and rotates silently - excellent in high and low light. And, did we say it levitates?!  (And here's the levitating bonsai.)

5) MagC - a pad to charge your Macbook - go ahead and cut the cord now.

4) Keycast - people watch you blog in realtime - they see each keystroke, mistake, development of ideas.

3) Textalyzer - copy and paste text and it will analyze the readability and SEO info. 

2) Instagram Live - and now you can add other people/viewers to your broadcast - game changer?

1) Skin Vision app - a Smartphone app that can detect skin cancer.

Bonus: Curtsy - rent clothes from your friend's closet and make some extra money on yours too.

Professor Josh's Coolest Thing:

Google Pixel Buds - earbuds that also provide real-time translation.

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