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Bonus Track: Vegan Gas - One Chef's Unlikely Journey to Serve a Community

Vegan Gas - One Chef's Unlikely Journey to Serve a Community

On this podcast, Chef Jenn Ross shares her journey going from a food blogger to restaurant owner. By opening a vegan cafe in a gas station located in an under-served neighborhood, Jenn is changing lives by bringing the option of a plant-based diet to a community that has embraced her and her food.


Jen shares how she first started marketing her business using social media, especially Instagram. She also talks about a key moment that made a real difference in her social media use.

Jenn then talks about the decision to open a restaurant in a gas station, a rather unconventional space for a vegan cafe. She also reveals how a counter-top lending library is an advocate for a plant-based diet.

Throughout the podcast, it becomes obvious that Jenn is making an impact in this community that goes much farther than just her food. With a constant stream of regular customers, many from the under-served neighborhood surrounding the gas station, she is providing healthy food options to the gas station fare.

Add in her loyal social media following and Jenn has made the Citgo gas station a foodie destination. 

To eat with Jen and enjoy her Jamaican-inspired dishes, visit her DaJen Eats Cafe & Creamery at 4845 North Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando FL 32810.

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