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10 Coolest Things with Jim and Beth Hobartt

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Items Mentioned in this Segment

10) - eliminate costly international calls by forwarding your phone to a pre-paid number (on your phone) .99 cents a day

9) LunaR - solar=powered smartwatch - great for outdoor enthusiasts, etc.

8) Waggit - wearable tech for your dog. Measures health and activity, nutrition, safety

7) Hustle Case - simply a laptop cascade from whiteboard material

6) Find Journalists - a site that helps you find journalists relevant to your company - fill out a few lines of info and then it shows you relevant journalists

5) Picture That - an augmented reality app that allows you to picture artwork on your walls - upload the art from your camera roll and see it on your walls before you actually hang it

4) Animaker - new to me!  Create whiteboard-style videos through a drag and drop feature -

3) Sickday Box - a physical box you can send to a sick friend (or to yourself) comes with an Amazon gift card, herbal tea, chicken noodle soup, thermometer, etc.

2) Ember Coffee Mug - mug that keeps your coffee at just the right temperature - set your desired temp using the smartphone app - comes with a charging coaster.

1) GoJoe - for those on the go, drop a coffee pod in the mug and press the button for fresh brewed coffee in that mug.

Jim and Beth's Cool Things:

Solar Roof Tiles from Elon Musk

The Away Suitcase





The TrackR Device





Orlando ParkIN app



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