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Special Guest: Jenn Ross of Dajen Eats

This week's featured guest in Jenn Ross of DajenEats, whose Irie Cream has been named one of the top desserts in the nation. Plus she shares why she opened a vegan restaurant in a gas station.

Items Mentioned in This Episode

10 Coolest Things:

10) Hire.Bid - auction off blocks of your free time and put your services to use earning you extra money

9) Unified Remote - turn your smartphone into a universal remote

8) USB Endoscope - attach a flexible camera (16 feet) to your smartphone - available on Amazon

7) Alarm Clock Rug - you have to get out of bed and stand on the rug for at least 3 seconds to turn off your alarm

6) Adore - world’s smartest scale powered by AI - measures muscle, fat, water, and even bone density

5) Gest - typing and controlling your computer without a keyboard or mouse.

4) Tolkenize - one ring for your life - credit cards, passwords, house locks, etc.

3) Vue - smart glasses that interacts with your smartphone, act as a speaker, microphone, and look fantastic

2) One X - measure your antioxidants through the palm of your hand - diet, exercise, sun exposure, alcohol consumption - it’s all measure through this device and trackable on an app

1) T-shirt TV - a flat screen right on your chest -boob tube, get it?

The Local Spotlight:

This week's spotlight is on the Orlando-based Corkcicle.

Corkcicle sells high-quality hydration products through independent retailers across the world. Named one of Entreprenuer’s 100 Most Brilliant Companies in 2014 and one of Oprah's Favorite Things (2015), most recently Corkcicle was named one of Orlando’s "Fast 50" of 2017 by the Orlando Business Journal. 

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