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10 Coolest Things with Jenn Ross

Links to items mentioned this week:

10) Hire.Bid - auction off blocks of your free time and put your services to use earning you extra money

9) Unified Remote - turn your smartphone into a universal remote

8) USB Endoscope - attach a flexible camera (16 feet) to your smartphone - available on Amazon

7) Alarm Clock Rug - you have to get out of bed and stand on the rug for at least 3 seconds to turn off your alarm

6) Adore - world’s smartest scale powered by AI - measures muscle, fat, water, and even bone density

5) Gest - typing and controlling your computer without a keyboard or mouse.

4) Tolkenize - one ring for your life - credit cards, passwords, house locks, etc.

3) Vue - smart glasses that interacts with your smartphone, act as a speaker, microphone, and look fantastic

2) One X - measure your antioxidants through the palm of your hand - diet, exercise, sun exposure, alcohol consumption - it’s all measure through this device and trackable on an app

1) T-shirt TV - a flat screen right on your chest -boob tube, get it?

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