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10 Coolest Things with Diana Griffith

This week's episode is sponsored by Dajen Eats Cafe and Creamery

Items Mention in this Episode:


10) Tiny1 Astronomy Camera - combines the StarWalk app with a camera that captures stars and nighttime shots well.

9) Amazon Restaurants - like Uber Eats but by Amazon. 

8) Lexody - be matched with a native speaker of a language you’re learning. Meet in real life to talk.

7) Force Field Cloak - light-charging blanket or cloak that glows in the dark for up to 8 hours. Really cool designs! Perfect for kids who are scared of the dark and even halloween!

6) Google Day Dream - only $99 - experience games and virtual reality experiences. Share to your TV so those who are not on the headset with you can see what you are seeing.

5) Lazy Jar - goes along with a fitbit. Set your weekly goals and if you don’t make them, you have to pay (an amount predetermined by you). 80% of the penalties go to research for childhood cancer.

4) Art on Snapchat - placing AR pieces of art around the world. Find them like Pokemon Go and view them. Jeff Koons first major artist.

3) Nebula Mars - high powered mobile projector with theater grade projector and sound. (Nebula capsule is the mini version - the size of a soda can)

2) Hopely - search engines that donates to charity on your behalf for each online search you do. (Through ad sharing)

1) HiMirror - a smart mirror that also acts a screen - plays music, shows you the latest news, fashion trends, magnifies, and even keeps track of your skin’d health - moles, wrinkles, etc.

Bonus: The Academic’s music video to market their new song.

Diana's coolest thing: Dubsado - online business management 

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